updated 7 August, 2019

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Demonstrator, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (2019). Helping run undergraduate Evolution Course workshops as part of Bachelor of Science program.

Scientist, Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Brisbane, Australia (2015-2018). Worked on a project to assess the water requirements of floodplain vegetation of the northern Murray-Darling Basin.

Various contract jobs (2013-2014) doing scientific research, writing, editing and fieldwork projects for Western Australian Museum, University of Canberra, Environmental Research Institute of Supervising Scientist (NT) and Griffith University.

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (2011-2013). Organised component of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN).

Marine Fauna Observer, Blue Planet Marine (2010-2011). Monitor marine construction sites to ensure safety of marine fauna in projects in Queensland and Western Australia.

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Hughes Molecular Ecology Lab, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (2007-2010). Worked on a project to use comparative phylogeography of aquatic species to help in identifying areas of conservation interest in the planning of water resource management. In collaboration with the Queensland Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources.

PhD in Genetics and Biogeography, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (2002-2006). Molecular systematic study of evolution & biogeography of freshwater shrimp. Supervisors: Professor Jane Hughes & Professor Stuart Bunn. PhD thesis: "An Evolutionary History of the freshwater shrimp family Atyidae in Australia". Australian Postgraduate Award.

NSF International Graduate Training Course in Antarctic Biology, McMurdo Station, Antarctica (2006). Integrative Biology and Adaptation of Antarctic Marine Organisms.

MSc in Taxonomy & Biodiversity, Natural History Museum/Imperial College, London, UK(2000-2001). Wide-ranging course on all facets of systematics. MSc project on molecular systematics of Antarctic bivalves. Distinction.

University of Virginia Monticello Archaeological Field School Charlottesville, USA (1996). One month course on skills and theory of archaeological digs. Excavated slave house on Thomas Jefferson's property, Monticello.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (1985-1989). MA History Honours (2nd Division 1). Carnegie Scholarship. Included courses on Medieval and Modern Britain and Europe, British Empire, Modern Asia, US Secret Intelligence, Architectural History and Computer Science.

Rye Country Day School, Rye, NY, USA (1979-1984). Humanities Prize 1984.

EVENING COURSES: Wildlife of Southeast Queensland (Moreton TAFE, 1997), Animal Ecology (London Zoological Society), The Pacific Islands (Canterbury University, NZ, 1995), Te Reo Maori (Linwood High School, 1995).



Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History,Washington DC, USA (2002): Edited and proofread new book, "Field Guide to the Mammals of North America", for Don E. Wilson of the Division of Mammals.

British Antarctic Survey,Cambridge, U.K.(2001): Assembled biodiversity database of gastropods in the Antarctic using Access 2000 and Oracle. Involved searches of scientific literature and research library work. Also presented poster at 'Molluscan Forum 2001' and collaborated in writing two journal articles.

Australian Antarctic Division, in the pack iceoff the coast of Antarctica (1998 & 1999-2000): Visual survey of pack ice seals from the icebreaker RSV "Aurora Australis" and aerial survey from Sikorsky S76 helicopters as part of the international Antarctic Pack Ice Seal Survey (APIS). Also assembled database of pack ice seals in the Antarctic using Access 2000.

Tall Ship Marine Mammal Survey, off the coast of Newcastle, NSW (1998): Visual survey of Marine Mammals from the Tall Ship 'Svanen' for James Cook University.

University of Sydney:

  • Humpback Whale Acoustic Survey,Sunshine Coast, QLD (1997) & N. Stradbroke Is., QLD (1998): Surveyed and observed southern and northern migrations of Humpback whales as part of Mike Noad's Ph.D. research into whale song. Team leader. Involved using theodolite and scuba diving to retrieve hydrophones and recording and transcribing whale song.
  • Simpson Desert Fauna Survey,QLD (1998): Trapped small mammals and reptiles in far western Queensland using pitfall traps as part of study on desert ecology.
  • Humpback Whale Visual Survey,North Stradbroke Island, QLD (1993): Surveyed northern migration of Humpback whales as part of Miranda Brown's Ph.D. research into whale recovery after the end of whaling; involved using theodolite.

Takarakka Rock Art Research Centre, Carnarvon Gorge (1998): organised & entered field notes for 1997 field season into FileMaker Pro database. Proof-read parts of new book on Bradshaw Rock Art of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

University of Queensland:

  • Satin Bowerbirds,Bunya Mountains, QLD (1997): Behavioural observation, bird trapping and tagging, radio tracking, rainforest mapping as part of Tim Robson's Ph.D. research into female role in bowerbird reproduction.
  • Bridled Nailtail Wallabies,Taunton National Park (1997): Catching and processing of these highly endangered wallabies, radio tracking, behavioural observation as part of Dominique Sigg's Ph.D. research into mating behaviour.
  • Red Kangaroos,Idalia National Park, QLD (1993): Involved catching female kangaroos, radio tracking and sample collection as part of Erin Muths Ph.D. research into lactation.
  • Heron Island Reef Research Centre,QLD (1993): General maintenance, boating and data entry.

Queensland Museum,Brisbane, QLD (1993): Organised artefacts, data input and showing people round the collection of the Anthropology/Archaeology Department.

Moggill Koala Hospital, Brisbane, QLD (1993): Cared for sick and injured koalas.

New Zealand Department of Conservation:

  • Kakapo Recovery Programme,Codfish Island, Southland Conservancy (1996): Did "feed out" for supplementary feeding programme.
  • Kiwi and Bird Surveys, Long and Motuara Islands, Nelson and Marlborough Conservancy (1996): Audio survey of Little Spotted Kiwis and Saddlebacks, plus track maintenance.
  • Kiwi Survey,Canterbury Conservancy (1995-6): Listening survey of Great Spotted Kiwis in the Lake Sumner area.
  • Historic Site Restoration,Canterbury Conservancy (1995): Helped clean up a WWII gun complex at Godley Head.



Global Crossing/Tay Associates,London, U.K. (2000): Database work for major telecoms company. Involved proofing database then generating performance figures to be placed on company intranet.

Select Appointments PLC, London, U.K. (1999): Temp office worker in on-line financial information company and local government Education department (Hackney Council). General administration and computer work.

Select Appointments, Brisbane (1998-9): Temp in numerous federal, state and local government departments, including Education and the Arts. Involved database work and general administration.

Telstra/Julia Ross, Brisbane (1996-7): Customer service rep in call centre, using Databases, Excel & Word to reconcile accounts & help with transfer of customers from closing telephone service providers.

Invesco Ltd., London, England (1992& 1994-1995): Responsible for a variety of special computer projects: cash management system, overseeing foreign currency bank account reconciliations.

Texaco/Manpower UK, London, England (1991): Responsible for developing the documentation and change control for a new Accounts Payable system.

Johnson & Higgins,Stamford, CT, USA (1984-1988): Developed spreadsheets, macros, graphic presentations, databases; provided training on new hardware and software. Time billed directly to client.

OTHER: IRD Tax Office, NZ (Data Entry 1995), Metropolitan Museum of Art,USA (Stockperson, 1993-1994), Scottish Office Environmental Protection Division, UK (Administrative Assistant, 1990), American Yacht Club, USA (Assistant Tennis Pro,1984).


Berlitz Publishing Company: Berlitz Pocket Guide to Portugal (1994-1995). Travelled to Portugal to research 40000 word travel guide. Planned and wrote all the text, including various sections on history, food and others, as well as travel and tourism sections. Published all round the world in a number of languages.

Mandarin/Heinemann: 100 Greatest Holidays in the World (1990-1991). Researcher/Writer for Adventure & Beach sections. Wrote approx. one fifth of the book. Included a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Fontana/Collins: Europe by Train (1990). Head researcher and writer for 1991 update. Included updating guide, proof-reading, fact checking, consolidating readers' letters, and trips to Spain and Poland.

Scotland on Sunday (1992,1990): Articles published in Travel Section of Sunday paper, on Chile and Poland.


Wildlife: Experience of research in Australia, Antarctica and New Zealand of freshwater, marine & terrestrial mammals, birds, fishes and invertebrates.

Travel: Extensive travel in North & South America, Europe, Australasia and the Pacific.

Sports: Competitive tennis.

Licenses: Open Water Scuba Diver, car.

Computers: Web Page design, graphics, computer literate.

Personal: Australian, Irish, British citizenship.